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What really makes the difference.

Abyzz pumps consist of programmable, menu-driven electronics (drivers) and a sinusoidally commutated, three-phase synchronous motor.

Modern motor technology combined with innovative electronics enables low power consumption and high flow rates. Due to the selected components and technologies, Abyzz pumps require significantly less power than conventional pumps. Abyzz pumps run very quietly even under heavy load. Through additional programming, e.g. a night setback via the Abyzz Control System, the pumps can even be set to be “bedroom suitable”.

The integrated bearing flushing offers optimal protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings used, the gas-tight encapsulated titanium rotor and a special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation.

Abyzz pumps are suitable for dry installation or immersion operation – even in seawater”.

ABYZZ in use

Abyzz pumps – versatile.

  • Seawater aquaristics

  • Freshwater aquaristics

  • Fish and coral farming

  • Koi ponds

  • Natural pond systems

  • Streams and water features

  • Filter systems

  • Industrial applications

Abyzz Control System (ACS)

The ACS enables several Abyzz pumps to be centrally controlled, monitored and adjusted via a bus system. Flow rates, random flows or wave profiles can be set separately for each pump. The power consumption of the entire system is permanently displayed and can be significantly reduced by programming during night operation.

Besser mit ABYZZ

Hochwertige Verarbeitung
Geringer Stromverbrauch
Geräuscharmer Betrieb
Kompakte Bauform
Umfangreiche Schutzfunktionen
Busfähiger Steueranschluss für externe Systeme
Einstellbare Leistung und programmierbare Steuerung

Qualität, die überzeugt!

MADE IN GERMANY – Efficient. Innovative. Durable.

About Abyzz

Our company is located in the residential town of Rastede in the direct vicinity of the Lower Saxony university town of Oldenburg.

A main focus is on pond and aquarium technology. The product series Abyzz consists of high quality, seawater suitable aquaristic products, which are exclusively produced in Germany and marketed worldwide. It was developed to meet the highest demands in the areas of seawater aquaristics, ornamental ponds and aquaculture.

Special attention has been paid to the use of high quality materials to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the product series. We buy our raw materials from German suppliers, this way we always have direct contact and can guarantee optimal quality.

Our goal is to offer high quality products and excellent customer service.

This is our understanding of
„Made in Germany“!

Because Abyzz offers more!

The Abyzz team is made up of experienced professionals who are constantly working on new ideas and products to offer you more.

All development and production steps, from the initial idea to the final quality control, are carried out in our company.

High-quality materials ensure long-lasting quality, efficiency and smooth running, while the integrated protection and control functions ensure safe operation.

Every single Abyzz pump is tested before packaging, so we can ensure that you receive the best quality.

We trust our product!

All Abyzz pumps come with a 10-year lifetime warranty after registration – at no extra cost, of course!

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Abyzz makes it possible: efficiency and sustainability.

We think about your carbon foot print!
Due to the selected components and technologies, Abyzz pumps require significantly less power than conventional pumps. By replacing an inefficient pump with an Abyzz a payback period of less than two years is often achieved on power savings alone. Reliability also greatly increase long term success of keeping fish alive.

Due to the high quality raw materials and careful processing, Abyzz pumps promise a long service life and thus extend the intervals between new purchases!


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