The protection of the oceans is essential for survival!
For all of us!

The environmental pollution of the oceans continues to increase due to overfishing and waste. Every day, thousands of sea creatures and seabirds die from plastic waste in the sea.

But above all, climate change and the resulting acidification of the oceans is a major threat: Entire coral reefs are becoming desolate and, as a result, fish and other reef dwellers are also dying.

We can only stop this destruction through sustainable action and appropriate consumerism! The protection of the oceans is not a luxury problem. There is more at stake than just the protection of a few colorful fish!

We think about your carbon foot print!

Due to the selected components and technologies, Abyzz pumps require significantly less power than conventional pumps. By replacing an inefficient pump with an Abyzz a payback period of less than two years is often achieved on power savings alone. Reliability also greatly increase long term success of keeping fish alive.

Due to the high quality raw materials and careful processing, Abyzz pumps promise a long service life and thus extend the intervals between new purchases!

You can do that!

Avoid unnecessary packaging and disposable items. Dispose of waste as it should be.

Find out about measures you can take to help regulate climate change.