ABYZZ Guarantee

We trust our product!

With all Abyzz pumps you receive a 10 years limited product lifetime warranty after registration – with no additional costs!

In addition to the legal warranty, we also offer a 12-month warranty.

We offer you the possibility to extend the product warranty from 12 months to 10 years “Lifetime Guarantee” free of charge within 4 weeks after the date of purchase (the date of the sales receipt applies) after registration of your product.

The warranty is valid in the country in which the device was purchased – a refund of return shipping costs can only be made in the country of purchase.

In the event of a complaint, if necessary, please send the device, preferably in its original packaging with the enclosed proof of purchase, directly to your dealer or contact us at support@abyzz.com to obtain an RMA number and return address.

We ask for your understanding that deliveries sent to us carriage forward or deliveries without an RMA number will not be accepted. These shipments will be returned to the sender unprocessed.

The warranty covers material, functional and production defects that may occur during normal use. It expressly does not apply to damage caused by wear and tear, transport, claims for compensation beyond the product, improper handling, negligence, incorrect installation or after interventions and changes made by unauthorized persons. We expressly exclude any liability for these cases.

Consequential damages, such as loss of corals, fish as well as water damage caused by e.g. a pump failure or missing suction protection, are expressly excluded from warranty and guarantee claims. Calcification inside the pump and resulting damage and/or motor damage, damage due to improper use as well as cable damage (e.g. chafed cables) are excluded from the warranty.

An immediate loss of warranty is given: Disconnected original plugs, installation of non-original spare parts, damage caused by parts sucked in, motor damage due to tapering of the intake port or when operating with a fully or partially closed ball valve in the intake area, motor damage due to permanent dry running, descaling damage caused by improperly used or unsuitable chemicals, motor damage caused by externally connected electronics and damage caused by moisture in the driver.

* The “Lifetime Guarantee” refers to the minimum service life of the pump, which is specified as 10 years.