Abyzz IPUA Interface

Abyzz IPUA Interface


Analog control input for existing aquarium control systems

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The Abyzz IPUA Interface is a safe way to connect your Abyzz IPU pump to an existing aquarium control system (aquarium computer, PLC control, etc.). The installation of the module provides you with a programmable, analog control input for your Abyzz pump*. With this input it is possible to control the speed of your Abyzz pump via an analogue DC voltage signal of 0 … 10V.

The interface also has an error output in the form of an open collector output (OC). This can be connected to digital inputs in order to forward any fault messages externally.

*Depending on the model, a software update of your drivers may be necessary, we will be happy to carry out this for you on request.

This version is not compatible with the Apex or GHL control unit!

Connection Assignment

Brown : ERR Open Collector Output (OC out)
Blue : GND Common Ground
Black : 0…10V Control Signal

Special features

  • Programmable input
  • Simple connection
  • Speed control from 0 … 100% via DC voltage
  • Universal fault output (OC)


  • Freshwater and saltwater aquaristic
  • Pond filter systems
  • streams


  • Abyzz IPUA Interface
  • Connection cable M8, 5m

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 250 × 175 × 50 mm
Power consumption

Operating voltage


Ambient temperature

Data sheet

Abyzz IPUA Interface Data sheet (PDF)

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